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Photovoltaic skills in high demand: PVTRIN is working for building capacity and skills for installers

PVTRIN, a photovoltaic installer training and certification project, is working for building capacity and skills of the European installers’ workforce.

PV power is booming, but how sustainable are the growth rates? There could be more than 600 GW of installed PV capacity by 2030, but will there be a sufficient number of skilled installers?

This is the main concern for the PVTRIN project partners, who are supported by the Intelligent Energy – Europe programme. Poorly trained installers can lead to poor PV performance. If word gets around that modules are not generating the power expected of them, market confidence could suffer.

PVTRIN is an Intelligent Energy - Europe project aiming to ensure that a shortage of skilled installers does not put the brake on the booming photovoltaic (PV) market.

PVTRIN was presented in the recent INTELLIGENT ENERGY EUROPE MAGAZINE (no 4, May 2012)
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