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The PVTRIN activities result in:
  • operational certification scheme for PV installers in 6 countries
  • practical training material/tools for the installers and their trainers; web portal with access to technical information
  • 8 pilot training courses implemented, a pool of skilled/certified PV installers in in six (6) countries (Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Romania and Spain)
  • a plan for the adoption of the certification scheme across Europe.

Long term, PVTRIN will:
  • contribute to the PV/BIPV market growth in the participating countries
  • encourage a greater number of technicians to advance their professional skills
  • provide a supporting instrument, for EU Member States, to meet their obligations for acknowledged certifications for RES installers till 31/12/2012
  • enforce the EU countries to achieve the mandatory target of a 20% share of energy from RES in overall Community energy consumption, by 2020.