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Call for applications for the PVTRIN course in Romania

ABMEE, the Agency of Brasov for the Management of Energy and Environment, announces the call for applications for the Photovoltaic Installer Training Courses, in the frame of the European project PVTRIN – Training of Photovoltaic Installers. The PVTRIN training courses are addressed to qualified electricians (IIB grade), with relevant working experience, who wish to activate in PV installation and maintenance.


The training courses will take place in Brasov, at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and at Kronstadt Renewable Energy laboratory. The courses will be held between February 23 and April 21, 2013, only on weekends, between 09:00h-17:00h.


Two groups of 20 trainees each will study in parallel. For these first two pilot groups, the training course will not be charged, the costs being covered by the European project PVTRIN, through Intelligent Energy Europe Program, of the European Commission.


The structure of the course will cover both theoretic knowledge (seminars, group activity, study cases, exercises) – 40h, and practical skills (laboratory, e-learning platform, field visits) – 56h. In addition, the structure of the training includes self-study with tutor assistance, for improving overall skills and knowledge – 26h.


The evaluation of the trainees will be conducted both during the training courses, through homework, study cases, tests and practical tests, as well as at the end, through writing and practical examination. The certificate will have national and European recognition and will be issued by:

     The Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection

     The Ministry of Education

together with the PVTRIN certificate, common to all the six countries where the PVTRIN training courses will take place.




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