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‘Installers Corner’ on Your Sun Your Energy website

Your Sun Your Energy, the resource for information on PV electricity, now includes a new area devoted to PV installers. The YSYE Installers Corner includes tools to help electrical installers promote their PV-related business to potential customers. The main feature is a promotional leaflet highlighting the benefits of PV.
The webpage includes helpful information for customers who are looking to find an installer, and for installers who are hoping to market to the public. The leaflet includes space for the PV installer to stamp company details or staple a business card, thus personalising the marketing message – simultaneously promoting the benefits of PV and the installer’s activity.

Developed jointly with the European Photovoltaic Technology Platform, the leaflet is available in five languages (DE, EN, ES, FR and IT) and can be downloaded for free from the Your Sun Your Energy website.

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